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Welcome to Library Orientation!

Library orientation classes connect you with reliable, reputable resources and information. Our goal is to help you succeed and feel confident in locating and using all library resources available. Our video tutorials and exercises will enable you to easily locate the information you need for your classes. If you have questions, just use the contact information to the left to email or contact the orientation team.

Closed Captioning is available for each video. Once you start the video, you can scroll down to the control bar at the bottom and click on the CC icon to select Closed Captioning. You can also view videos in full screen mode.

To start your orientation, use direct links to the right. You may also access the orientations by visiting the subject specific Library Guide.

Please allow up to one hour and fifteen minutes for each orientation. Each page will have specific instructions for that orientation. Each orientation is different, so be sure to choose the right link for your class and follow the instructions.

Direct Orientation Links

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