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Carol Driver
User Services Librarian

Amy Sullivan
Resource Services Librarian

Anita Weathers
Library Specialist & Interlibrary Loan Contact

What is Library Orientation?

Library orientation classes are designed to familiarize students with reliable library resources that will enhance their research capabilities which can be utilized not only in the classroom, but also as a future life tool.  The goal of library orientation is to help students feel confident in locating and using all library information available. Orientation is also an opportunity for students and library staff members to get to know one another.  We want students to feel at ease and never hesitate to ask for help with research questions. The library orientation team hopes our video tutorials and exercises prove to be a satisfying and rewarding learning experience for you, the student. 

  • Please allow up to one hour and fifteen minutes for each orientation. Each page will have the instructions for the orientation. Closed Captioning is available for each video. Once you start the video, you can scroll down to the control bar at the bottom and click on the up arrow to select Closed Captioning. You can also view videos in full screen mode.


  • If you have questions, our contact information is just to the left. Email addresses and phone numbers for each member of the Library Orientation team are listed. Please email (copy) each member to ensure your question(s) will be answered as soon as possible.


Just click the orientation tab above for the class you need to begin your Library Orientation! Or, you can click on the direct links located to the right of this box.